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This is the video for "All I Need" by the band Louden Swain, led by Rob Benedict who was one of the stars of my film Say Goodnight.


The trailer for Say Goodnight. Warning: very much R RATED. We decided to cast Aaron Paul because we knew right after leaving our set he'd get a gig playing a meth dealer on a basic cable show and from that he'd win two Emmys.


The original opening credits we shot for Say Goodnight was based on a sub-plot that got edited out. Since reassembling the cast and crew was cost prohibitive, I had to come up with something creative. I ran around town a handful of weekend nights with my Canon 5D on a tripod taking quick series of half-second exposures to create this effect.


I figured somewhere in my portfolio of work I should have a basic two people talking clip, so here it is.


Say Goodnight was about three couples, and for each couple we show a first date in which both people tell a story. These were shot as a single-take monologue, slowly pushing in the whole time. After the film was edited, the monologues seemed too slow, but simply editing in reaction shots of the other person didn't improve them in any way. The solution I came up with was to cut back-and-forth between the monologues. Since each story builds in humor to a crescendo, then comes down for a more dramatic finish, they combined even better than I though they would.